Selecting Cosmetic Hair Removal


Going to the spa to have hair removed via laser equipment has become extremely popular in the last few decades. These services are highly appealing since they are fast and more efficient than other methods. While they may be popular, it may not be the right option for you. Learn about the various options before selecting the treatment that suits you best.

Alternative Hair Removal Methods Aren’t as Efficient
As you well know, you can remove hair yourself at home. It’s more convenient to perform the treatment yourself at home, that’s certainly true. Using hot wax or wax strips will rip the hair from the skin in small areas at a time while using tweezers will yank the hairs out one at a time. Neither of these methods last very long. Shaving slices the hairs off just above the surface of the skin and in just a day or two, you have stubble.

Not only are laser hair removal procedures fast, but they last far longer than those done at home. With a laser  new hair growth is hindered and takes a while to grow back. It targets the base of the hair where the root grows by using a specific spectrum of light to heat and destroy the follicle. If performed successfully, the hair doesn’t grow back at all. It usually takes repeated treatments to completely hit all the follicles.

Not Everyone Needs the Same Treatment
Since the hair removal laser uses light to target the hair follicles, it works better on some skin and hair combinations better than others. These devices work best on people with darker hair and lighter skin since light is better absorbed by dark colors and reflects off of light tones. Light skin with light hair and dark skin with dark hair requires non-standard laser equipment. If you fall into that certain category, you will need to seek a clinic that specializes in it.

15693388_sRepeating the Process of Laser Hair Removal
It would be ideal to go to a cosmetic clinic one time for laser hair removal without ever having to return for the same treatment. However, it isn’t as easy as that. In order to destroy all the hair follicles in an area so they don’t return, you have to start with several sessions at the clinic. If over time you discover there are still areas of hair growing back, it may require a few more treatments.

Your Wallet Can Help You Decide
Money has to have the final say in your decision making. Without it, you cannot afford to go to the clinic to have a professional treatment no matter how desirable it may be. If you are short on funds, you may think that cheaper home remedies is the best choice. Take into consideration how much the home methods cost you over extended periods of time. If you are spending considerable money over the years, it may be a wiser choice to save your money for the clinic.

Don’t make a hasty decision without speaking with your primary care doctor first. Let them advise you as to what treatment they would recommend and what additional information they can offer you about these types of procedures. They might even direct you to a local clinic offering the right hair laser removal service that works best for you.

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